Commercial Fencing

Commercial Fencing

Quality Commercial Fences From Taylor Fence Plus, LLC

Quality commercial fences are now available from Taylor Fence Plus, LLC for purchase as well as installation. We offer some of the highest quality commercial chain link fences that are available on the East Coast. From start to finish we will help you plan out the specifics as well as analyze what kind of accessories you may need for your installation, and install it all accordingly. When you need a commercial fence won’t let you down, come talk to the professionals at Taylor Fence Plus, LLC. We’ll have your fence installed on time and with professional precision.

Reach the Taylor Fence Plus pros at 717-380-3817 when you are ready to get started on your new commercial fencing project.

If you’re reading this while our office is closed, then you can either wait until we open our doors, or you can take a look below for more info. There you will find a quick list of why chain link fences are a great option for commercial fences. As well as a glace at some of the other fences we offer to your area.

The Pros At Taylor Fence Plus, LLC

The pros at Taylor Fence Plus, LLC have been servicing the East Coast for over 30 years now. We’ve been able to stick around for so long due to the high-quality products and installations we offer, as well as our dedication to our customers from start to finish on every project, including our commercial fences. When you work with the pros at Taylor Fence Plus, LLC, you work with the best of the best, and we’re not afraid to prove it.

When you’re considering a commercial chain link fence, you should take careful consideration of what kind of accessories you want to include with it. From visibility blocking vinyl blinds to access denying razor wire, there’s a world of accessories available to add to your commercial chain link fence. Take a look below for a quick overview of some of our most popular accessories for our commercial fences.

Considerations For Commercial Fences

  • Barbed or Razor Wire:
    Many commercial properties require extra security when it comes to their commercial fencing needs. Barbed wire and razor wire are both great accessories to help deter and prevent most unauthorized entries.
  • Vinyl or Cloth Privacy Accessories:
    If privacy is a concern, you have a few options to choose from. Some of our more popular privacy accessories are vinyl blinds that weave in between the chain links, and cloth privacy screens that attach to the fence.
  • Height:
    Whenever you’re installing a commercial fence, you’re going to need to ask the question of what’s high enough. 6 feet is an acceptable height, however the higher your fence the less likely someone will be willing to scale it.

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