Ipe Wood Decks

Ipe Wood Decks

Our Ipe Wood Decks Are Now Available

Ipe wood decks are now being installed by the professionals at the Taylor Fence Plus, LLC company. This new addition to our long line of offered products is one of the best products that we have seen in quite some time. Ipe wood decks are some of the most resilient decks that are available to this day. Almost every single area of attrition is covered and covered well by this marvelously strong wood.

To order your favorite style of our Ipe wood decks, call us during our office hours at 717-380-3817. We can better assist you over the phone, as well as answer any of the questions or concerns you might have.

If you’re viewing this page while our office is closed, or you’re unable to contact us at the moment, then have no worry. You can take a look below for some additional information on our Ipe wood decks, as well as why Taylor Fence Plus, LLC is the company that York and the surrounding areas trust.

What is Ipe Wood and Why’s it So Great?

With the internet in full swing of its age of influence, there’s a lot of talk around Ipe wood, and its characteristics and qualities. With so many different voices shouting out about this and that, it can be hard to find the truth about most matters. Let us help you weed out the rumors from the facts so you can make an informed decision the next time you order an outdoor living space installation.

Ipe wood is one of the most resilient types of wood that can be found on the legal market to this day. With its South American origins, it is naturally effective at resisting the effects of excessive moisture, as well as many types of insects that can cause harm to other types of wooden structures. With proper treatment and installation, Ipe wood decks and other installations can last for decades upon decades.

Why We Now Offer Ipe Wood Decks

  • Amazing Durability:
    Ipe wood decks are some of the most durable and long-lasting decks that are available on the American markets. When they are properly acclimated and installed, they can last for up to 40 years and even longer. This is due to the combination of natural longevity and an extensive array of resistances. Naturally occurring oils help reduce moisture transition, as well as repel a wide variety of damaging insects and other pests. Naturally high moisture absorption rates allow Ipe wood decks to survive incredibly moist environments. As well as provide natural resistance to fire due to high water content.
  • Breathtaking Beauty:
    Decorate your home and property with our Ipe wood products for an exquisite look of elegance that is sure to take anyone’s breath away. With a deep and rich brown color that is not too different from mahogany, as well as a satisfyingly smooth finish, Ipe wood is sure to be a favorite among your available choices.

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Now that you’re more informed on our Ipe wood decks, it’s time to act. Call us during our office hours at 717-380-3817. From there we will help you with the rest of our ordering and installation process.

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