Sawmill Services

Sawmill Services

Taylor’s Satisfying Sawmill Services

Taylor Fence Plus, LLC now offers extremely satisfying sawmill services to the communities of York and Fallston, as well as all of the communities in between. With our professionals, you know you’ll get a nice clean cut, or a finely ground stump, as well as great customer service. We’ve been this area’s premier outdoor service professionals for over 30 years, and that’s because our customers are always so pleased with the results.  

If you want to join the many other happy Taylor Fence customers, call us during our office hours at 717-380-3817. Over the phone, we can set up your sawmill services appointment, as well as answer any questions you may have about us or our services.

If you happened to stumble across our website while our office is closed, then there’s still no reason to worry. We’ve prepared some useful information on what you can expect when you hire the professionals at Taylor Fence Plus, LLC for any of your outdoor living space needs.

Why Pick Our Sawmill Services

When you’ve got a difficult to deal with tree trunk that’s fallen on your property, call the professionals at Taylor Fence Plus, LLC. We’ll bring out the appropriate tool and machines in order to get your yard back to normal. We’ll chip that tree away for you in no time flat, or flatten that stump with time to spare. All without breaking the bank or burning a hole in your pocket.

Below is a handy list of some reasons why we provide sawmill services to the good folks of the original 13 colonies.  We also do oak board and locust posts.

Reasons Why We Offer Sawmills

  • Clear Space:
    The main reason why we offer our sawmill services is that fallen trees and arboreal debris take up a ton of space. A single fallen tree of moderate size and just about take up your entire yard and give you complications with activities like mowing and general lawn care. With some help from the professionals at Taylor Fecne Plus, LLC, you will be able to get your yard back in no time.
  • Prevent Pests:
    Lots of tree refuge and plant debris means a lot of rotting wood matter, and that means pests. From termites to toxic spiders, your pile of rotting wood could be home to some very nasty critters. To prevent your yard from becoming a haven for creepy critters, get rid of your debris as soon as possible. This is will keep your yard nice and clean, as well as free from nefarious creatures.
  • Reduce Dangers:
    Large amounts of debris can prove to be a large obstacle that is dangerous in more ways than one. Children are especially at danger due to their curious nature and ability to turn any pile of sticks into a fort. Let one of our crews get rid of the clutter for you and make your yard safe again.

Clear Your Yard With Us Today

Feel free to call us during our office hours at 717-380-3817. Over the phone, we can set up your appointment, and discuss any details you may have questions about.

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We provide our full line of products and services to the communities of York, Fallston, and everywhere in between. If you’re interested in our services, contact us at (717) 380-3817.

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