Wood Fences

Wood Fences

Wonderful Wood Fences For the East Coast

You can now choose from an assortment of wonderful wood fences from Taylor Fence Plus, LLC. From classic white picket fences to the prettiest privacy fences you’ve ever seen, we’ve just about got it all. Let the pros who have been installing fences for over 30 years help you pick the right choice for you and your property.

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Still wondering about what kind of wood fences you should choose from? Well take a look below and you’ll find some helpful information to help wisen you up about our wonderful wood fences.

Why We Work With Wood Fences

With over 30 years of great fence installation services under our belts, we’ve installed more types of fences than you can count. However, wood fences still remain as one of our staple products. With wood, you can do just about whatever you want. From different cuts and styles to different types of wood, there’s a world of options to choose from. The versatility of our wood fences makes sure that they are always one of our most popular products.

Take a look below and you will find a short list of the options you have when it comes to choosing your new wood fence. From the type of wood your fence is made out of, to whether or not you want paint or a stain, the options are almost endless. However, the list below should help you at least have a better idea of what is in store for you and your yard.

What To Choose From

  • Type of Wood:
    The type of wood is possibly the most important decision you can make when it comes to choosing your new wood fence. Depending on your needs, some types of wood may be more preferable to others. For instance, pine is extremely economical and sustainable however, it yields more easily to pests and moisture. Meanwhile, you have cedar on the other end of the spectrum because of it’s natural resistance to pests and moisture but higher cost.
  • Style of Cut:
    The style of your fence is the next most important factor because it determines what your fence does for you. You can choose to go with pure aesthetics and pick out a pretty new picket fence to help frame off your picture-perfect property. If you’re looking for privacy, our 6ft tall wooden privacy fences are sure to give you peace of mind from being away from the prying eyes of your nosy neighbors. We install these styles and many more, be sure to ask one of our representatives for our entire selection of styles.
  • Paint or Stain:
    The final decision to make for your wood fence is whether or not you want to paint or stain it. Depending on the type of wood your fence is made out of, this choice could be one of necessity or of aesthetics. The paint or stain you choose will also determine the color of your new fence.

Get the Best Fences From Taylor Fence Plus, LLC

Now that you know the three decisions you have to choose from to make your wood fence, you’re halfway to turning your fantasy fence into a real one.

Give our office a call at 717-380-3817 when you’re ready. There we can provide additional information on the products and services we provide to your area.

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